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eFlip Book Creator for HTML5

eFlip Book Creator for HTML5 is flipbook maker support for HTML5
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21 May 2013

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E-books are increasingly becoming the default choice for many book enthusiasts who have now taken reading to handheld devices and computer systems. However most of them still miss the feeling of flipping the pages of a book. For the exact reasons we offer you all new eFlip Book Creator for HTML5 1.0.0 that can enhance the very appearance and feel of viewing the web contents. This particular solution is a blessing for current internet users who wants to download the websites and use it for later purposes. Once you get it converted in pragmatic flipbooks you cannot just relish them on your computer but also view them on your tablets, iDevices, mobile phones etc.

Instead of uploading plain PDF files and viewing them like usual ways, you can definitely augment the prospect of showing flipping ebook style using eFlip Book Creator for HTML5 1.0.0. In other words with this application you get a chance for transforming the Powerpoint files as well as PDFs in cool flipbook style and output it in HTML formats. In this way you can effectively upload the contents on the website effectually, making online publishing very easy. Further this output HTML format is supported in large number of mobile versions and makes it easy and effective for users to view them where ever they may be and whatever the time it might be. Last but not the least the app supports quick and safe burning of the output files in CD and DVDs too.

The eFlip Book Creator for HTML5 1.0.0 is piled up with massive amount of features and the GUI is very simple and effective. Hence we can allot this converting solution with a bight three and half stars. And to all the folks sitting out there needing a good flipbook creator, this utility can be the best.

Publisher's description

eFlip Book Creator for HTML5 is flipbook maker support for HTML5. You can choose different output format to view the book online or offline. Except for computer, you can also enable to view on Mobile and Tablet, such as the popular iPad, iPhone and Android. Flippingbook made from eFlip Book Creator for HTML5, have different usage for different people.
.If you are designers, need to attract more people by improving website, you can show page flipping effect ebook on website instead of plain PDF, PowerPoint. With using flipbook maker, convert PDF or other ebook to online flipbook with HTML output format. Then embedding it on your webpage and publish the converted file to online. When people visit the book page, they can flip page to read the wonderful flipbook.
.CD/DVD is widely used in teaching. So, to make your teaching convenient, you can burn it to CD/DVD after creating flipbook.
.If you want to expand the mobile phone marketing, it is also easy to do with flipbook maker. Because with the help of flipbook maker, you can convert PDF to many formats. Once you choosing HTML format, you will find it provides you the option of "Mobile Version", right, you should also choose it so that enable the book read on Mobile and Tablet. Only make the book friendly for Mobile reading, those Mobile users can quickly read your designed book in any time, anywhere.
eFlip Book Creator for HTML5
eFlip Book Creator for HTML5
Version 1.0
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